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16 May 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Rantings of a maniac! Bwaha.  
Well, I haven't ranted for awhile, so here we go!

Avatar, oh Avatar, how I love thee so!  There hasn't been a new episode aired in the U.S. since the "Day of the Black Sun" movie.  However, two more episodes aired in Canada afterwards, and today, the third DVD of the third season has come out with those two episode plus two more!  WTF?!

I haven't had much to do with the Avatar fandom lately, mainly because I'm sad about the series ending (The new episodes were supposed to start July 14th, but the DVD with the last few episodes is supposed to come out on July 24th!  WTF indeed.).  I'm pretty sure my OTP won't happen (Suki gets rescued in the last episode of the DVD)  which I don't mind, but I'll be pretty sad.  I knew the only way that Toph and Sokka could get together was if something bad happened to Suki, and I did NOT want that to happen, so *sigh* let whatever happens, happens.  Bryke (Mike and Bryan) have given us so many awesome episodes so far, I'm just looking forward to the rest.  

OMG, they released the trailer for the two hour finale!  And the end, OMG, THE END OF THE TRAILER!!  Sokka + fanservice = veryveryvery happy Jeemers!

Also the date of the first live action Avatar movie was announced, 2010.  Yay for M. Night Shamalamadingdong.  *waves flag*

Well, I'm looking forward to all the cool animated movies coming out this year.  Pixar's "Wall-E" comes out this summer and I'm so excited, I think I might faint.  Woo boy.  I don't think I can wait.  Srsly folks, watch the trailer! />Dreamworks big summer movie looks somewhat bland ("Kung Fu Panda").  But they make up for it this fall with....*da da da daaaaa*  Madagascar 2!  *uber magical squee*  I CANNOT WAIT!  OH MY OH MY!  *happy sigh*  Can't wait.

Oh, and I saw "Bee Movie."  Talk about good, that movie was awesome.  (I think it's my new favorite Dreamworks movie, sorry "Madagascar.")  What got me was all of the little things, the little nuances.  The voice acting was amazing.  Matthew Broderick, John Goodman, Ray freakin' Liotta!  <3 <3 I loved this movie soooo much!  Aw, but they cut out a musical number with Matthew Broderick!  The song is in the end credits, but it would have been so cute!  Too bad.

One more thing.  I started a writing journal!  I won't have time for a few days to post anything in it, but I'll do it as soon as I'm able.  Yay!
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